Zab Salad Authentic Indian food

We provide authentic Indian food, we are a local business in fremantle and bicton.We have been doing Markets for almost 11 years.All recipes of curries are traditional and Authentic, and have been passed down from many generations and has not been changed in any way.

-veg samosa (vegan)
-beef puff
-Mango Lassi
Non-veg Curries
-Butter chicken
-Beef masala
-Chicken Tickka masala
Veg Curries
--Mix veggie with spinach (vegan)
-Eggplant and potato (vegan)
-Mix Dhall with spinach (vegan)

All curries served with rice and bread
Alll curries are gluten free
All food is halal

Authentic Indian Food
Authentic Indian Food
Food stall
Food stall
Zab salad
Zab salad
Healthy food vendor
Healthy food vendor