Salvation Gallery

Salvation Gallery is the passion of qualified jeweller Haydn Wheeler, a designer with 9 years experience in all aspects of design, manufacture and repair.

My latest collection CORALATION was inspired by WA's untamed coastline, from the pristine beauty of the Kimberley to the rugged region of the Great Southern. The collection features pieces moulded in sterling silver from locally sourced coral, the stunning Australian South Sea pearl and much more.

I'm also passionate about custom design - from starting with nothing but an idea from a client, or a sentimental piece in need of new life.

While jewellery design is my main focus, I'm also passionate about upcycling and repurposing abandoned treasures and vintage timbers into beautiful yet practical furniture, lighting and other homewares items.

Born to a family of farmers, fishermen and environmentalists, I learned from a young age the importance of practical hands and an enquisitive mind. Over the years I have developed my own distinct style and philosophy, shaped by the rural countryside and white beaches of my youth.

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