Unique Glass Art by Marion

I am a warm glass artist and make unique items from Art and Dichroic glass in my home studio in Hillarys. Products include pendants, earrings, hair pins,rings, brooches, bracelets plus range of slumped glass tableware i.e: glass coasters, platters, bowls,cheese trays, candlecradles, sushi plates. I have been enjoying creating items for 10 years and am using different techniques and constantly learning new things to experiment with.
My background has always been focused on " Fashion Jewellery" this passion led me to learn how to create jewellery with Dichroic glass and the rest became history as I became hooked on the beautiful colours and magic of Dichroic glass. I love designing and creating Unique wearable Art glass jewellery that are often the focus of an elegant outfit and fashion statement.My skills are not just honed to the creation of beautiful art glass jewellery.Having completed various specialised workshops in kiln formed glass I also create functional kiln formed art glass tableware for entertaining in the format of platters, coasters and bowls.
"I am happiest when I have time to sit in my studio getting lost in my space of creativity" 2017.

Appearing at Upcoming Markets

December 2018
Dec. 16, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross

Previous Appearances

April 2018
April 8, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross
February 2018
Feb. 25, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross
December 2017 Market
Dec. 17, 2017 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
September 2017 Market
Sept. 24, 2017 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
WA Day at Elizabeth Quay
June 4, 2017 at Elizabeth Quay