I am in love with handmade when I'm still in highschool. In a opportunity I worked in my aunt's book shop to sell my little creation of handmade. The very first handmade items I sold in my life is a cotton made key case! I remember I made like 50 pieces of the cotton key case with the little sewing machine and sewing the red bow tie on it by my own hand. Of course, it's a CAT shape of the key case. From the design to find and purchase the material, it's all by my own!
Therefore, I am here to continue my little workshop - design the handmade cat products.

Previous Appearances

February 2017 Market
Feb. 19, 2017 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
Christmas 2016 Market
Dec. 11, 2016 at Elizabeth Quay
December 2016 Market
Dec. 4, 2016 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
June 2016 Market
June 5, 2016 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct