“It was like having a palette of 20 colours to paint a picture to suddenly having hundreds of different colours and shades. The possibilities were endless!”

It has been said that smell is our strongest and most powerful sense. This is because it can evoke memory, influence emotions, control mood and even encourage attraction between two people. Marian Terriaca from Adora Perfumery believes smell is a basic instinct that we often forget how valuable it really is, in fact her handmade business sets out to remind people of the beauty of scents in our lives.
Adora Perfumery is a handmade beauty business that is run by Marian with the helpful assistance of her husband Rino (you may know him as the very friendly salesman at the market!). It all started when Marian found herself in a waiting room 5-6 years ago that was filled with the aroma of essential oils. The oils reminded her of a time in her life in the '80s when she used aromatherapy daily and she realised how much she missed those smells. From there she decided to start studying and researching perfumery, finding a whole world of additional materials. In her words “it was like having a palette of 20 colours to paint a picture to suddenly having hundreds of different colours and shades. The possibilities were endless!”. 
The process of creating the fragrances of Adora Perfumery is a trade secret, however Marian did share with us some insights into the creative process. For instance, it can take up to 6 months to create the French style perfumes and colognes, also the majority of her fragrances are derived from natural sources, for example terpenes such as linalool, pinene, nerol, geraniol & lemonene, which are organic compounds found in various plants. From there it is a lot of experimenting from which amazing scents are produced including Sandlewood, Vanilla and Grapefruit, and Bergamont, Pettigrain and Lemon, just to name a few.

Marian has attended 10 events with Perth Makers Market so far and at our April event she announced to our team that she has officially quit her day job to focus on her handmade business! This obviously warms our hearts so much as we LOVE supporting local artisans in following their dreams. When asked when the point was that Marian realised she could make this big move, she told us that with an increase in sales, positive feedback from customers, increased demand and love and support from her husband…she knew Adora Perfumery was ready to rumble!
So, what is next for Adora Perfumery? Well Marian plans to continue learning and studying aromatherapy and put this into action by creating more fragrances that are based on the perfumes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She also wishes to continue to grow her business and learn how to better promote it. As a creative small business owner, her advice to others is to “Just go for it! Start small, being part of hand-made markets such as Perth Makers Market provides the perfect opportunity to test out your products on the public and receive feedback and advice from other creatives. If what you create and make is still a passion it’ll never become a chore.”
We wish Adora Perfumery all of the success and can’t wait to experience her amazing fragrances at the markets towards the end of the year.