Pig Beach Bags

The name Pig Beach is unusual and it actually came about after a holiday in Tonga, where pigs fish on the beaches. It is quite a unique sight and so the name was chosen. I have been sewing for many years and I originally created and sold Curtains and Soft Furnishings, I have always loved to create things from sewing and absolutely love bags! My range of handmade bags - vintage inspired - are created using fabrics selected from exotic locations and upcycled textiles. I enjoy it when people feel the need to touch my bags because of the different contrasting fabric colours and textures, which are truly unique and every bag has a story.

Previous Appearances

April 7th 2019: Applecross
April 7, 2019 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
February 24th 2019: Applecross
Feb. 24, 2019 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct
December 2018
Dec. 16, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross