Snuffle Time

Snuffle Times philosophy is about enriching the lives of as many pets sniff at a time.

Chuck out your food bowl..!
Your pets sense of smell can be as much as 40 times better than humans’ so lets get them using it. To introduce the mat to your pet, start by scattering a handful of treats (or just their kibble) on top. As your pet gets the hang of it and their skills improve, shuffle the kibble further down into the fleece. The snuffle mat encourages them to use their natural foraging instincts. Aswell as being an attractive toy it will entertain every pet from calming your young puppy / kitten right upto your seniors. It’s great for slowing down speedy eaters or helping those with digestive health problems. Ideal for pets that cant do as much physical exercise i.e those recovering from surgery or your elders that can’t go as far anymore. AND.....It’s a great tool to use when your trying to groom or medicate your pet!

Snuffle Balls - All the fun of a mat but this time it’s mobile = twice the fun! The ball has small holes allowing you to stuff it with your pets favourite treat. Then just sit back and watch as they snuffle and throw it about allowing the treats to be dispensed.

Vetenarians and pet behaviourists are reccomending we enrich our pets lives more. Research has shown that by mentally stimulating our pets we decrease behavioural & health problems such as separation anxiety, destruction & digestive health issues.

* All Snuffle Time products are lovingly handmade using the best quality anti pill polar fleece.

Previous Appearances

May 2018
May 20, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross