Out of a passion for the world of essential oils, HarEanne was created to bring beautiful, home-made skin products to market.

Born and raised in South Africa, I grew up on a farm in the beautiful province of the Western Cape. Exposed to nature from a young age, I have developed an acute awareness of mainstream products containing ingredients and chemicals which deny the best chances of maintaining a healthy well-being.

Being a mother of two children, Esteanne & Harry, I have promised myself to encourage their awareness of what is good for the body and skin. I believe the younger generation, if guided in the right direction, can make a change in the future.

Esteanne used to have very red and sore lips, and I had tried many proprietary creams - but none seemed to work. So I decided to make my own cream, using essential oils with the appropriate healing properties. She didn't complain of any "stinging" sensation, and it started to heal. I knew I was on to something pure and this was the seed that sprouted HarEanne - pronounced "Har-ee-anne - derived from the names of my children Harry and Esteanne.

My products enable you to nourish your skin and body with absolute purity, by using the gifts of the Earth.

My logo, the Protea, is very special to me. It is South Africa's national flower. In local tradition, the Protea flower represents change and hope. That is my message and hope that I can assist others in making the change by using beautiful and natural hand-made skin products.

HarEanne skin care products are organic and homemade. The ingredients are carefully selected to suit all skin types, including sensitive. My products contain no preservatives, or chemicals.

Everyone deserves the best.

Thank you for your time in reading about HarEanne.

Jenny Newfield

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