There’s nothing like bringing the beauty, uniqueness and personality of handmade items into your home. One of the best parts about purchasing handmade products is that each item is unique in its creation, use and look. However, this can also prove to be a downside when trying to find a place for the handmade products in your home. 
A vast majority of handmade goodies take the form of homewares – these are my personal favourite to buy. When I first started building my homemade collection I found I had to take a step back to consider where each item should go so they can really be appreciated and not turn into simple dust collectors! 
So here we have your go-to guide for styling handmade in your home in a way that is cohesive

Use Art In All Forms 
When someone mentions “art” most of us jump straight to the vision of a painting hung on a wall, while hanging art pieces in the home are always nice there are many other ways you can display art that is unique (and great if you are renting and can’t put nails into the wall!). For instance, this little lady from florae fatale fills the room with her presence as well as her aroma. She fits in well with an indoor plant and print (Yorkelee Prints).
Perk Up Your Room With Handmade 

Capitalise on the uniqueness of handmade by using it as a statement piece in your home. We promise you will get many “where did you get that from!?” from guests when they see them. Go for colour and unique prints to nail this look, such as these Banksia Tea Towels from Womeki.
Handmade As The Perfect Coffee Companion 
Be sure to have your handmade goodies ready for when you are entertaining your friends. I love sharing a cuppa using the little coffee table my great grandfather made me along with a handmade cup or mug (these ones are from Grafton Pottery). You can practically feel the love that went in to making these items!
Find Your Own Use
While handmade products are often made with a specific use in mind, it sometimes pays to alter this to fit your own needs/lifestyle. As long as you are still respecting the creators work of course – no using handmade tea towels as toilet paper people! For instance, I use my Ellume Life napkins as table placemats. This way I get to display them every day not just for special occasions. They are the perfect addition to a vase of flowers (this vase is from Holly Courtney).
So there we have it, there are no excuses for not purchasing handmade items for your home! Be sure to check out our upcoming events so you can come pick up some treasures for your home.

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