Winter is here!


Our market season has finished for the beginning half of the year but there is no rest for the wicked here in the Perth Makers Market office. 

We finished off the half of 2018 with a bang what a beautiful day we had for our May 20th market. Perth weather you were AMAZING!! We can't wait to be back at Heathote Cultural Precinct for our next market post Winter on September 23rd.

What do we do over Winter? Get ready for more markets of course!!! We are busy! Busy! Busy! Setting the foundations for a great end of the year. Also our Winter Workshop Series is underway! 

Our next in the Winter Workshop Series is Soy Candle Making with Tara from Ruby Lights

The Soy Candle Making Workshop is running on Tuesday 12th June and with that in mind we wanted to tell you a little history in regard to these beautiful hand made items. 

Soy Candles started to gain in popularity in the 90’s. Traditionally, candles have been made with Paraffin Wax. Once upon a time we also burned whale fat - don’t - even - get - us started! With a new world view on conscience living we have become aware as a society that paraffin wax isn’t great for our health, it is literally toxic waste – no thank you!!! Want to know more? Well… originally ‘petroleum wax’ - was a by-product created from the sludgy gooey mess found at the bottom of the barrel when crude oil is refined into gasoline – are you hearing this? Even more horrific / interesting (you decide), after it’s discovery it is was restricted for about 2 decades due to its toxicity when burned!

After the decades, in-between its first inception, Chemists learned how to refine it into what is now called; ‘paraffin wax’ declaring it safe. We’re still not sure… Do your research but we can tell you that this is why we now have beautiful soy candles… Made from the oil of… you guessed it…Soy Beans!! When burning soy wax releases, are you ready for it? No toxins! No carcinogens! No pollutants!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!
Next up on June 16th is a Kokedama Workshop with Kylie Pearson of Marlee and Me Creations. There are only a few spots left for this one - so get in quick! 
Underwater Watercolour Workshop with Hannah from Mermaid’s Coin will be held on June 20th from 6 - 9pm.
Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Faiza Gabriel of Faz Makes Cards & Lush Letters Studio on June, 23rd 1 - 4pm.

We were very excited when Faiza came on board. Calligraphy is such a beautiful art form and really merges the old with the new. In fact...It could be argued that Calligraphy is the oldest type of art form there is! Where did it originate? Well it's up for argument but here heres a little info that we have researched.

Egyptian’s hieroglyphics in about 3600BC are a type of calligraphy. And it was certainly bountifully practiced in 10th century China and in the 16th century the Centre of Islamic Calligraphy was established in the then Constantinople (now known as Istanbul!). Finding the exact origins is hard! What we do know is that calligraphy surely does date back a long way and is a perfect bridge between history and the modern world. Calligraphy means ‘beautiful writing’ and today there are considered three types Western/Roman, Arabic and Chinese or Oriental. Where is Calligraphy’s purpose in modern day world? Come and find out with our beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Faiza of @lushlettersstudio
Embroidery Hoop Art with Danielle Matthews of Ruby Sew Oh on June, 30th from 1 - 3.30.
Art of Macramé with Kate Fitzpatrick of Lorna & Lila.
Beginners Weaving with Nicole of The Little Craft House July 7th 1 - 3pm.
If you have a suggestion on who you would like to learn from please do let us know. You can get in touch with us via our social media or by e-mailing us directly to: 
 Go check out Perth Makers Market Workshops on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our schedule and what’s on offer (as well as the website).