Meet the Maker: Perth Wood 'n' Things!

Roger Howell is the man behind Wood'n'Things and creates beautiful wood work pieces from the large to the small.
Roger has been working with “Big Boys Toys” as he calls them for many years. After completing military service in South Vietnam in 1967, he worked in real-estate in a foray of different positions, and ended up being a property developer, just like his father. After many years of self-employment, due to the affects of his military service he ended up retiring early but needed a hobby. Woodwork was it, and he’s been at it ever since! 

Wood'n’Things was founded on two factors coming together. One was Roger's passion for woodwork, and the other was his wife, a creative in her own right – a quilter. Previously busy and career focused with a growing family Roger found himself in early retirement with his wife wanting something on which to display her quilts. There were no commercially available products so he made them for her. Soon after, her friends were putting in orders and a business idea was formed. As more people enquired about the products he made, all of a sudden, a hobby and passion turned into a small business. Now with a website Roger receives orders from all around Australia, both for finished work or on a commission basis.

Inspired by his love of ‘Big boys’ toys’ Roger has always loved woodworking and having no experience in metalwork, wood became the choice of material to use. Roger is also fortunate to have a relative who is a world class Wood Turner and has works displayed in art galleries around Australia.  A former school teacher, he took up woodworking later in life and his devotion and success helped inspire Roger that he could do the same in his own unique way.

Roger says his own personal inspiration comes from "making something for a client that is not available in the retail markets.  Making a product with individual variations for the client is challenging but rewarding because no 2 pieces are exactly alike.”

Roger works from home and has turned the entire double garage into his workshop. He runs a simple mantra and business vision; “My business is my hobby, and my dream is that I can produce products that appeal to the community at a fair price, so I can sell my work, buy more wood and make new items!”.

The timber Roger uses is mostly acquired from farms in our beautiful South West. Fallen trees in paddocks, normally disposed of by burning, can be processed by a wood mill ​and made available in boards roughly trimmed to size but still in its natural condition. He likes being able to visit farms, or timber mills, choose the rough timber and then turn that piece of wood into an item that someone will buy and keep for many years.

When asked for words of wisdom for other business owners Roger says words of wisdom are not his forte; “but I would say, enjoy what you do but don't let your business / hobby become all encompassing. Spend time with family and friends and live life to the fullest.”​.

Where to find Wood'n Things?

You can find Roger and his beautiful works at our markets of course and whenever a sale is made, he offers a 10% discount on anything on his website and is valid until 31 December each year. He’s also on Etsy and often has a display stall at the Warwick Church of Christ markets in Warwick.

Our Next Market

We're excited that our next market is just over two weeks away on Feb 25th! Come down and meet our 'Market Celebrity' Roger and all our lovely stall holders whilst supporting local!

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